“Having seen sales by Nixon in several tractor magazines, I expected that they were a very creditable auction service. We wanted someone who was respected nationwide and probably worldwide. Nixon seemed to fit that criteria. Besides, Lonnie Nixon was the only one of three auction houses that responded to my inquiries. Lonnie came to visit with me and I asked him why we should choose Nixon over others; He replied; “because we have been in business for many years”. (I forgot the number of years). That was good enough for us. Since then, Gib Thurman and others, have come to our location to view the sale items, and I found them to be very thorough in assembling all the logistics of a sale. We expect to have a fair and honest sale.”

Bill Luecke

Hays, KS

“I have used the services of Nixon Auctioneers for over a decade and have always been satisfied as a buyer and a seller. They have an outstanding knowledge of the product and provide a reputable, reliable service. I always enjoy working and visiting with Lonnie and Gib.”

Michael Buck

Berthoud, CO

“I have only used Nixon Auctioneers once, but I would recommend their services to all collectors who are thinking of downsizing or selling their collection. Their knowledge of antique tractors and engines was very impressive and they knew the right buyers to make our sale successful. Living in Montana I had figured hiring an reputable action service would be an major task, but Lonnie and his crew were at my doorstep within a couple days of talking on the phone. I am still very satisfied with the outcome of our auction from start to finish. The staff at Nixon Auctioneers went out of their way to keep us satisfied not only as the sellers but the buyers as well. It seemed like all who attended had an enjoyable time.”

Dave Kragedal

Froid, MT

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