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Lot 2012

12-20 Case Crossmotor

  The Case 12-20 was first introduced in 1921. The increased power resulted from an engine bore of 4 1/8 X 5 inches compared to 3 7/8 X 5 inches for the earlier 10-18 Tractor. A forced feed lubrication was sent to all main, connecting rod and camshaft bearings, as well to governor parts. The most obvious chance from the earlier 10-18 is the use of special steel wheels. In 1922 Nebraska Tractor Test No. 88 was first performed on the 12-20 to establish defined horsepower, fuel economy and other factor on an impartial basis. A year later in 1923 an additional test No. 91 resulted in a substantially higher horsepower rating. This test indicated with a Kingston L-3 carburetor and Bosch AT-4 the tractor would produce 25 1/2 horsepower using kerosene fuel. 
  The 12-20 is a highly sought after crossmotor and is very collectable. Any collector with these tractors knows original parts are hard to come by! This 12-20 has been beautifully restored with several eye catching features added! While looking over the tractor one finds themselves attracted to not only the professional paint job but the added brass features that have been added making this one of the finest crossmotor Case tractors out there.  

Serial No. 46416

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